PhosEnergy is an Australian company developing innovative green-energy technologies aimed at recovering useful energy resources and chemicals from unconventional or waste sources.

The PhosEnergy Process: A proven and patented technology, the PhosEnergy Process was developed to recover uranium from phosphate fertilizer production.

Current estimates indicate that more than US$1 billion per annum of uranium goes unrecovered worldwide in the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers. PhosEnergy and its Strategic Alliance partner, Cameco Corporation, have developed the PhosEnergy Process to unlock this significant uranium resource to supply the increasing global energy demand.

The CarbonX Process: The Company’s latest development has the potential to convert carbon dioxide (CO2) into methanol, generating a significant commercial opportunity and contributing towards the global challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Until now, the conversion of CO2 to methanol has been technically possible but commercially challenged, with existing technologies hampered by the large amount of energy input required. This exciting new development has the potential to deliver a low-cost solution to produce a commercially viable and in-demand product.

GenX Energy: GenX Energy produces GenX Units which uniquely combine metals, semiconductors and beta-radiation into smart structures that produce constant DC power over very long time frames.

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