The Process

The CarbonX Process is an Australian solution aimed at commercialising the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) to useful, valuable fuels and chemicals, without the need for high energy inputs.

Until now, the conversion of CO2 into useable chemicals has been technically possible but commercially challenged, with existing technologies hampered by the large amount of energy input required. Our patent pending CarbonX Process offers the opportunity of a low-cost solution to deliver a commercially viable product – methanol.

Methanol is a high-octane, clean burning fuel and is one of the world’s most highly used industrial chemicals.   There is an increasing demand for methanol on a global scale, with the total methanol market expected to grow from 90 million metric tonnes today to over 190 million by 2030[1].

The CarbonX Process has been validated in a Proof of Concept (POC) experiment in 2018 and is now ready to progress towards pilot plant testing. The Company lodged an Australian Provisional Patent application in December 2018.

[1] The Methanol Institute –