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The West Australian News Article – PhosEnergy pulls off tech win in uranium trial, Jan 14 2015


January 2015 newsletter

Demonstration Plant and PFS show robustness of PhosEnergy Process Highlights Low operating costs: Cash operating cost in the low US$20′s puts PhosEnergy Process in lowest quartile for global uranium production Clear pathway to production: advanced relationships with phosphate fertiliser facilities in the US: ongoing process refinements underway Outstanding leverage to improving uranium price: uranium prices …


May 2014 Newsletter

Demonstration Plant operations progressing. Highlights Continuous on-site operation of PhosEnergy Process Demonstration Plant progresses High uranium recoveries (>92 per cent) consistently achieved during steady state operations Testing of additional process improvements and completion of PFS planned for next half Read the full report here.


The Outcrop, by Robin Bromby: Another worry for uranium hopefuls – Now the phosphate boys are muscling in on the story

The Outcrop, by Robin Bromby. Thursday, 5 December 2013 Another worry for uranium hopefuls NOW the phosphate boys are muscling in on the story.  Here’s an item from the Morocco World News service: Moroccan Scientific Research Minister Lahcen Daoudi has announced that the country will start extracting uranium from its phosphate. It confirms the news …


Approval Of Demerger

Approval of PhosEnergy Demerger Uranium  Equities  (ASX:  UEQ)  is  pleased  to  announce  the  demerger  of  the  Company’s PhosEnergy assets was approved by shareholders at a General Meeting held today. Download full copy here


PhosEnergy Process Update

PhosEnergy Process Update Uranium  Equities  (ASX:  UEQ)  is  pleased  to  announce  that  it  has,  together  with  Cameco Corporation, entered into an Agreement with a  US based  fertilizer producer to assess the commercial viability  of  applying  the  PhosEnergy  Process  (the  Process)  to  the  producer’s existing  operations. This follows completion of an independent engineering study in March …

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